D`BORO® is for, Décor with Borosilicate.

Our passion for innovation, insist us to utilize our glass fabrication expertise and experience of almost five decades in the area of borosilicate glass to make the world more beautiful. We are introducing first time in the world a patented concept to offer products of decor in glass like tables, display racks, flower vases, partitions etc. to the world. A wide range of designer class transparent products in Glass will be introduced from time to time to address every need of household, commercial properties and all purpose interiors having an aesthetic look with high profile elegance.

D`BORO® product segment and its designs are elegant , unique and has a key technological and innovative concepts of combining Borosilicate glass and Float Glass

Borosilicate glass has its unique properties like heat and corrosion resistance to most fluids and is worked to form various elegant shapes from tubes. Whereas Float glass has surface and mechanical properties of the right kind to formulate all household interior combinations.

D`BORO® holds the patent for working on these combinations registered by the intellectual property and trademark and patent office.